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ULTRA-BALM Keeps Your Skin Soft and Silky in All Extreme Weather Conditions.

The Miracle Moisturizer For Hands, Face & Body.

Quick Introduction:

Abrasions – Arthritis – Burns - Sore & Tired Feet – Rashes - Itchy Skin - Sore & Tired Feet, Hands & Muscles – Chapped Lips - Sunburn - Insect Bites - Blisters - and much more! Read more

ULTRA-BALM - a Premium Blend Udder Balm For People... Read more
Formulated with: ALOE VERA - VITAMIN A, D & E - Plus LANOLIN! Read more
Recommended By: Doctors, Mid Wives, Skin Doctors, Nurses, Athletes, Cyclists, Hairdressers etc. Word-Of-Mouth Is Our Best Advertising! Read more

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Is This The Skin Care You've Wished For?

ULTRA-BALM Helps Relieve Many Dry Skin Problems!

Just Some Skin Conditions ULTRA-BALM May Help To Relieve:

  • Acne
  • Poor Circulation
  • Blisters
  • Psoriasis
  • Burns
  • Rashes
  • Chapped Lips
  • Skin Abrasions
  • Cuts
  • Sore Hands & Feet
  • Eczema
  • Tired Legs & Arms
  • Windburn
  • Itchy Skin
  • Insect Bites
  • Cracked Skin


Ultra-Balm is offered in two convenient sizes:



<<<<< 16 Oz Jar $39.95 each, quantity discounts........



3 Oz Tube $15.00 each, quantity discounts........ >>>>

Why This Product is Better For Your Skin

Lanolin is a natural oil extracted from the wool of sheep without causing any harm to the animal. It is one of the oils closest to the human sebum (an oily substance produced by certain glands in the skin; also known as "skin oil"), making it an excellent moisturizing ingredient.

Lanolin softens skins very easily, moisturizes and emulsifies, as well as absorbs water. Lanolin is easily absorbed by human and pet skin.

The key factors that make Ultra-Balm better than all other Dry Skin Creams are:

  • Not only does Ultra-Balm contain the highest quality Aloe Vera on the market, along with Vitamin A, D and E, but unlike other Dry Skin Creams it is formulated with Lanolin!
  • Lanolin is the #1 product softener in the world!
  • Lanolin is used for softening even the toughest leather.
  • Our Aloe Vera and vitamins enable ULTRA-BALM to go deep into your skin, relieving pain and rebuilding tissue.

Now imagine what Lanolin, that softens the toughest of leathers in the world, can do to your skin! Lanolin is the secret ingredient of Ultra-Balm, that works miracles for our happy customers.

Below you will see the rave recommendations that so many health practitioners and happy customers give to Ultra-Balm: 

Happy Customers Say...

"I encourage anyone with a severe skin problem to just TRY ULTRA-BALM"

I've had a bad case of Psoriasis for over 20 years. Before ULTRA-BALM I think I tried everything, from Prescription drugs, invasive injections to numerous alternative medicine treatments but none ever gave me the relief that ULTRA-BALM has. At first I was very hesitant to buy it
because of all the past product failures I'd experienced. I am so glad I gave it one last chance! I put my ULTRA-BALM on daily and my skin is no longer cracked and dry, no longer itches, and the soreness I used to have is GONE! I want everyone to experience the success I've had with ULTRA-BALM and encourage anyone with a severe skin problem to just TRY ULTRA-BALM, especially if you've tried a lot of other solutions that have failed! You will really be amazed at the results! 
G. Nordholm, Housewife, Decator Illinois

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My 14yr old daughter has suffered from Eczema from birth. The condition has not only caused her physical suffering throughout her life but tremendous emotional stress as well. Because of her facial appearance she has experienced a great deal of social rejection in school and from kids in the neighborhood. As you can imagine, I tried every cream and remedy to help her but nothing seemed to work. I had just about given up until I found your ULTRA-BALM...
I can only say "GOD BLESS ULTRA-BALM!" This cream has truly saved my daughters life and mine! She has socially come out of her shell and is finally making friends. She's smiling and laughing where she used to be crying. There's just no way to describe the change that ULTRA-BALM has made in her life...
M. Hennessy, Mother, Detroit Michigan

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I've had Diabetes, Type II, for the past 5 years. I've tried everything under the sun to get my blood sugar down and under control (pills, vitamins, diet, exercise). A few weeks ago I started rubbing Ultra-BALM on my legs and the very next day magical things began to happen to me. My morning blood sugar dramatically plummeted; I regained feeling in my right leg and the pain in my other leg has lessened dramatically. Ultra-BALM is UDDERLY FANTASTIC!
V. Gale, Publisher
I've had red blotches on my face for quite a number of years... [found Ultra-Balm at a show] ...I experienced such amazing results from it that I've been calling the phone number on the jar regularly and am now buying jars for my friends and family too!
S. Baldovin, Chiropractor, Los Angeles, California

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Doctors Recommend It For Their Patients…

I was instructed by my doctor to apply Ultra-Balm to the scars on my hand after surgery...The results were unbelievable! The stuff cleared it up to the point that it no longer looks like it ever existed! Great product!!!!
R.Kopler, Patient
Ultra-Balm is absolutely the best - even recommended by my physician for dry skin!
S.Dempsy, Steele Worker
Many doctors I have spoken to have recommended Ultra-Balm.
A. Zweifach, Health Administrator

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Relief for the Busy Mother

As a mother, I have my hands in the sink constantly. Your product is the only cream that I have found that actually works to relieve my dry skin. I even use it on my feet! 
M. Polinsky, Housewife

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Relief for Workers

Since I discovered Ultra-BALM, the condition of my hands and feet has greatly improved, and the dry, chapped skin is being replaced by healthy smooth skin. My coworkers at the Tool & Die Company that I work for have been so impressed with results of your product that they have urged me to order Ultra-Balm for them. That's why I placed a multiple order.
S.K., Machinist
Holy Cow, this Ultra-BALM does the trick! For years, I have suffered with red, rough and painful hands. The thought of putting my hands in water was not something I looked forward to. I've tried every lotion and cream there is, from low $ to high $$$$. Nothing has worked like this. 
T.W. Restaurant Owner
Best thing I've ever used on my hands and body for dryness in our Chicago winters and wind burn dryness in Chicago summers.
H. Weinberg, Jeweler

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Good for Household Pets Too!

Veterinarians Recommend ULTRA-BALM For All Household Pets:
* Dogs * Cats * Birds *

I am a dedicated user of Ultra-BALM because it is universal and can be used on myself, my dogs and the other animal in our household ... my husband. We swear by it!!!! I always say.... A balm a day, keeps the DR away!
R.L. Pet Owner 

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Product Details

The Best Kept Secret Until Now!


It all started out, about 100 years ago, with a product they called UDDER BALM or UDDER CREAM. It was made for Dairy Farmers, to soften and protect their cow's udders, which became painfully cracked and dry from extreme weather conditions and milking.

Soon after Farmers began using UDDER BALM, they noticed that it not only held the answer to Soft, Smooth Skin for their Cows, but also was softening, protecting and giving relief to their own skin as well. 

Over a period of time, farmers started discovering that this cream had the capability of improving a much wider variety of human skin problems like... Skin Abrasions, Acne, Blisters, Burns, Chapped Lips, Cuts, Eczema, Insect Bites, Itchy Skin, Poor Circulation, Psoriasis, Rashes, Sore & Tired Hands, Legs, Arms and Feet, Windburn, etc.

Word naturally spread about the miracles of UDDER BALM and today few farmhouses or barns are without it.

Until now, only a limited number of people, through word-of-mouth alone, have actually heard of and/or used UDDER BALM. Those who know and use it swear by it and still probably purchase it through their local veterinarian.

In 2004, Sales R Us. Inc., after hearing about the miraculous results of Udder Balm on animals and farm owners, decided it was time to develop a Premium Blend Udder Balm that would be especially made for PEOPLE!

The result is an exciting new product called ULTRA-BALMTM!

ULTRA-BALM is manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility, UPC Coded and is claimed, by our many repeat customers, to be the most effective DRY SKIN CREAM out on the market.

Our company started introducing ULTRA-BALM to the general public at Trade Shows, Women's Shows, Home Shows, Health & Beauty Shows, State Fairs, etc. Anywhere that we can demonstrate the product - there we are! In 2006, ULTRA-BALM has become available at selected Drug, Health & Beauty Retailers Nationwide. In 2007 it is starting to sell internationally over the Internet - The Secret is OUT!



3 Key Ingredients That Make ULTRA-BALM's Unique Formula

Did You Know That The Lanolin, Used In ULTRA-BALM, Is Also Used For Softening Leather?

Imagine What It Does For Dry, Cracked & Aging Skin!

1. Vitamins A, D & E

Vitamin A:

  • Helps Handle acne.
  • Acts as an anti-oxidant, which helps protect cells against cancer and other diseases.
  • Slows the aging process.

Vitamin D:

  • It helps with calcium and phosphorus absorption, to improve bones and teeth.
  • Helps in the growth of new cells and normal bone development.
  • Important in the prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis and rickets, and enhances the immune system.

Vitamin E:

  • An anti-oxidant that helps prevents cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Repairs Tissue.
  • Promotes healing.
  • Reducing Scarring.
  • Prevents cell damage.
  • Retards aging.
  • May prevent age spots.

2. Aloe Vera

This plant is known for its healing effect and is commonly known as a skin healer, moisturizer & skin softener. It promotes the healing of:

  • Cuts
  • Blemishes
  • Burns
  • Insect Stings
  • Bruises
  • Acne
  • Poison Ivy
  • Welts
  • Ulcerated Skin Lesions
  • Eczema
  • Sunburns
  • Varicose Veins
  • Skin Cancer
  • Arthritis

Aloe Vera is also known to help with:

  • Eliminates dead cells and regenerates tissues, while stimulating cell development.
  • Prevents Infection.
  • Helps give skin a youthful appearance.

3. Lanolin

  • Lanolin is a natural oil derived entirely from the fiber of sheep's wool.
  • Lanolin is used to soften all types of leather and considered the "Heavy Duty" Moisturizer for rough, dry skin.
  • Lanolin promotes the smoothness and translucency associated with healthy and youthful skin and soft and supple hands.


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Just return the product to us within the next 90 days, and we'll give you 100% of your money back.

No hassles and no questions asked. That's my personal promise to you.

I can make this guarantee confidently because I personally know Ultra-Balm products are not only great, they're also so easy to use that it would be difficult for you NOT to have benefits from it! I know firsthand and so do 1000's of other users just like you and me!

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To Your Health,

Vicki Gailzaid, CEO
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